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Tax Franchise


Start your own independent tax franchise for as little as $15,000 down

How would you like to be in a line of work where you can earn a full year’s income, but only work four months a year? “Not possible,” you say? America’s Favorite Insurance & Tax says it’s absolutely possible, when you open an independent tax franchise in your community. Call our office to learn how easy it is to get started with a small initial investment, and little to no overhead.

No Experience Necessary

America’s Favorite Insurance & Tax is ready to help you go into business as a professional tax preparer, even if you’ve never prepared your own taxes, or claim to be completely uneducated about tax laws and codes! Our franchise options are low-cost to start, comes with everything you need to run your business successfully, and have low overhead throughout the operation. Plus, you don’t need any prior tax experience. We’ll give the continuous training and support you’ll need along the way.

The Best of Both Worlds

Every year, around 93 million tax returns are filed by professional tax franchises. Of those, approximately 47 million are filed by low-income taxpayers who choose rapid refunds or tax refund advances. This puts tax preparation franchises in a unique position to take advantage of this $10 billion industry, allowing you to earn a full 12 months of income, in as little as four months. Call America’s Favorite Insurance & Tax to see how you can increase your agency’s cashflow from existing insurance clients and create new relationships by leveraging our competitive tax software.

Stellar Support

When you sign up for tax franchise coaching with America’s Favorite Insurance & Tax, you’ll receive a full suite of tools you’ll need to get started quickly and easily. We offer:

  • IRS registration
  • Training
  • Tax software
  • Industry support
  • Site selection
  • Bank products
  • Marketing assistance
  • Production assistance

Cash Advances on Tax Refunds

For clients that receive a tax refund, the prospect of waiting days or weeks for the money to hit their bank account isn’t likely to hold much appeal. They want their money, and they want it now, especially tax filers who need the funds to pay bills. A smart tax franchisor should be prepared to offer cash advances on tax refunds, and take advantage of this $10 billion a year industry. Call America’s Favorite Insurance & Tax to advance your career!

A Win-Win Situation

With more and more taxpayers opting for the DIY approach to filing their taxes, a brick and mortar tax franchise needs to up their game in order to get customers in the door. Offering cash advances on tax refunds is a great way to do this. This is also a great time to introduce a client to insurance products through your franchise. Learn how to take advantage of this unique opportunity to increase your revenue before next tax season rolls around, at America’s Favorite Insurance & Tax. 


Can’t Wait? Don’t Wait!

If your clients are like most Americans, they’re not made of money. What’s more, they’ve probably been putting off important things like doctor’s appointments, car repairs, or getting their air conditioner or furnace serviced until their tax refund comes in. Being in a position to give your clients cash advances on their tax refunds makes you even more valuable as a service professional in your community. Call America’s Favorite Insurance & Tax to learn how you can get a leg up on the competition!