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Insurance Franchise


Everyone needs insurance. What is a customer’s #1 priority when selecting a policy? Saving money! With America’s Favorite Insurance & Tax, you will learn how to find the best policy for the lowest price quickly and easily, and when you save one customer a ton of money, more customers are bound to follow. Call 833-682-8327 today to inquire about a franchise opportunity or email us.

It's Who You Know

When you work with America’s Favorite Insurance & Tax to launch your insurance and tax franchise, you don’t have to pound the pavement and attend endless networking events to establish yourself with top insurance carriers. You’ll already be working with a company that has long-standing partnerships with the top names in home, auto, specialty, and commercial insurance, as well as a few providers that tend to fly under the radar. We’ll make all the necessary introductions, and you can take it from there!

Location Location Location

Ask any entrepreneur what the hardest part of starting a business is, and chances are they’ll say that finding retail space in a good location for a reasonable price ranks toward the top. With America’s Favorite Insurance & Tax, that’s one less problem you have to worry about! We will let the experts find you a premium site and negotiate a competitive monthly rental rate. All you have to do is finalize the contract, fund the deal, and open the doors of your new service center.

Spreading the Word

Consumers are picky. Businesses need to constantly reinforce their brand and purpose with their customer base. America’s Favorite Insurance & Tax knows this well. That’s why our insurance franchisees receive consistent, timely guidance on marketing their services to those who need them most. From managing your website to creating relevant Facebook posts, call us to get the training and support you need to stand out in your market!

Quality & Affordable Product

Being well-versed in the different kinds of specialty insurance products will only make an insurance franchise that much more valuable to its customers. The knowledge you need to educate your clients on coverages, carriers and other specifics is just a phone call away. The Help Desk at America’s Favorite is staffed Monday through Saturday from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. CST. You will be the star as you provide your clients insurance coverage from known carriers, at an affordable price, for their most valued assets. Your insurance franchise will be the talk of the town! With America’s Favorite Insurance & Tax behind you, you’ll have access and expertise to assist you client’s and prospects with all their insurance and tax needs. We work beside you to do whatever it takes to make your insurance franchise successful and profitable. 


Specialty Insurance

The average American isn’t a one-car driver. He or she usually has two or three cars, a boat, an RV, and maybe even a motorcycle or 4×4. No matter how your customer rolls, flies, or floats, you can help them protect all their vehicles, with training in specialty insurance products from America’s Favorite Insurance & Tax. 


Auto & Home Insurance

Everyone needs insurance for their vehicles and their home. Many times, these assets represent the biggest investment in your client’s lives. Get them the coverage they need, at a competitive price, by shopping from our extensive list of auto and home insurance providers. By franchising with America’s Favorite Insurance & Tax you leverage our decades of experience as an independent agency which gets you access from day one to the carriers you need to be successful in this industry. 


Commerical Insurance

Leverage our training and help desk to never miss an opportunity to serve your fellow entrepreneurs. Having access to commercial insurance markets allows you the opportunity to work with everyone you meet on multiple levels. Commercial Insurance is a major expense for any business, help them control their bottom line with quality products and solutions. America’s Favorite Insurance & Tax will show you how to do it!

Insurance Carriers

When it comes to insurance, you have customers who are loyal to certain insurance carriers, and customers who only care about getting the best possible coverage for the lowest possible price. No matter what kind of customer you have on the other side of your desk, you’ll be able to give them exactly what they want, and need, when America’s Favorite Insurance & Tax helps you start your franchise. We are connected with the top insurance carriers and providers in the nation, so you will be, too, from the minute you open for business!

Insurance Partnerships

America’s Favorite Insurance & Tax is proud to be partnered with top carriers of home, auto, health, and life insurance, including:
  • ACCC
  • Bristol West
  • Carnegie
  • Connect MGA
  • CNA
  • Empower
  • Event Insurance
  • Falcon
  • Fajua
  • Foremost
  • Gainsco
  • Hallmark
  • Infinity
  • Logic
  • Lonestar MGA
  • MHI
  • National General
  • Progressive
  • Quantum
  • Safeway
  • Wellington
  • Western World
  • Windhaven
  • Ocean Harbor (Pearl Holdings Group)
  • Neptune Flood Insurance
  • MacNiel Group