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About Us

America’s Favorite Insurance & Tax specializes in helping people just like you achieve the financial freedom and business success they’ve always dreamed of by providing the guidance and tools you need to become an independent insurance specialist and/or tax services provider. Call today and learn how easy it is to get started! 

Knowledge is power, especially when it’s shared

America’s Favorite Insurance & Tax is staffed by people who have owned and operated successful tax and/or insurance franchises across the U.S. We know what obstacles you’re up against right now, because we’ve faced and overcome them ourselves. With our proprietary tools and resources at your disposal, your independent tax and/or insurance franchise will be up and running in a snap, and earning a profit in no time! 

About Us
Your Business, Your Choice

Do you want to be an insurance specialist, provide tax services, or do both? Do you want to staff your business with a top-notch team and let them run things, or do you prefer to oversee every detail down to the color of your carpets? When you work with America’s Favorite Insurance & Tax, you have the flexibility and freedom to do things your way, every step of the way. What are you waiting for?

Strength in Numbers

You’re super-ambitious! Not only do you want to be both an insurance specialist and tax service provider, you want to have more than one franchise. Great! America’s Favorite Insurance & Tax offers discounts for those that pair tax and insurance franchises together, as well as those who want multiple franchises. Call to speak with a member of our team and get your doors open for business in a matter of days, anywhere in the U.S. 

Our Business Model

Sure, you know someone who sells insurance, and yes, they make decent money. Still, you don’t relish the idea of working for someone else. You want to call the shots, set your own hours, and determine how hands-on—or hands-off—you’ll be as a franchise owner. America’s Favorite Insurance & Tax at your service! We’ll teach you everything you need to know about insurance franchising, and set you on the path toward running a successful business on your terms. Call today to speak with a member of our team.

Start Your Own Business

You would love to be in business for yourself, but don’t have anywhere near the capital it takes to get one started, nor do you possess the required knowledge of the insurance or tax business. That’s where America’s Favorite Insurance & Tax comes in! For a modest initial investment, we provide you with everything you need to start your own tax or insurance franchise fast, including: 

  • Specialized training
  • Industry software
  • Storefront acquisition and set-up
  • Ongoing support
You’ll recoup your initial investment, and start turning a profit quicker than you ever thought possible.

Everybody Needs You

Some products and services can be crazy-popular one day, then all but forgotten the next. Insurance and tax in particular, however, will always be necessary, and always in need of friendly, helpful professionals to help people get the most for their money. Capitalize on this ongoing need with the help of America’s Favorite Insurance & Tax. Call today, to learn more!

Make An Investment For Your Future 

Relying on somebody else for your livelihood is always an iffy proposition. Companies go bankrupt every day, and nobody is too big to fail! Who needs that insecurity hanging over their heads every day?

At America’s Favorite Insurance & Tax, we’ll give you the tools you need to take control of your financial future, by providing the tools and foundation to own your own Insurance and Tax Franchise. 
About Us

Why Us?

The internet is chock-full of business and franchisee coaching programs, all guaranteeing to help you achieve instant success and make your dreams of financial independence come true. Why should you place your hard-earned trust in America’s Favorite Insurance & Tax? Because we have a track record of helping people get their insurance and tax franchises off the ground, and helping them stay at the top of their field for the long haul. Call today, to join our growing list of successful franchise owners!

Forget the rest, call the best

When you receive franchisee coaching from America’s Favorite Insurance & Tax, you’ll enjoy the benefits of: 

  • A proven business model
  • Low overhead
  • No inventory
  • Partnerships with national and regional carriers
  • Back-end support
  • Superior training (classroom and on-site)
  • Assistance with site selection
  • Industry-leading tax and insurance software
What’s more, you get all that for a $15,000 franchise fee. Our team can help you launch your business anywhere in the U.S., so call today to get started!

an essential service

In most states, you have to show proof of insurance to legally drive a vehicle.

When you own a home, you have to have homeowners insurance.

You can help your neighbors find the best deals on all types of insurance by becoming an independent insurance broker. America’s Favorite Insurance & Tax offers proven franchisee coaching to make it happen!

We’re with you

With some franchisee coaching programs, once you open your doors for business, you’re on your own. Not with America’s Favorite Insurance & Tax. No matter what stage of business you’re in, you can always receive one-on-one help from a member of our dedicated management team or franchisee coaches. We’ll help you learn and grow, as your business grows. Call today!

Insurance & Tax Training

You like the potential job security that being an independent tax and/or insurance franchise can provide. The problem is that you don’t know the first thing about selling home, auto, or specialty insurance, let alone the tax code that’s a longer read than “War and Peace.” That’s OK. America’s Favorite Insurance & Tax offers complete training and support in both insurance sales and tax services. We’ll give you all tools you need, either in our classroom, or at a location of your choosing. Call today to get started!

-Making Taxes Less Taxing

The United States Tax Code is so complicated, it makes your head spin just thinking about it. Maybe starting a tax franchise wasn’t such a good idea after all? America’s Favorite Insurance & Tax has you covered! Our training and support for tax professionals, coupled with user-friendly industry software, will make doing tax returns a breeze. See for yourself with a call to our tax franchise specialists.

-For the active or passive investor

Whether you just want a reliable income stream with hired help handling the nuts and bolts, or you want to be actively involved in every aspect of running your franchise, opportunities abound with America’s Favorite Insurance & Tax. An investment of $15,000 and a few weeks’ time is all it takes to get a franchise open for business and customers in the door. It really is that simple!

-Total Support for Total Success

With America’s Favorite Insurance & Tax, you have a partner you can trust to help you get your insurance business off the ground, and keep it running at a comfortable profit margin for as long as you own it! Our full suite of training and support includes:

  • Insurance comprehension
    → Auto
    → Home
    → Commercial
    → Specialty
  • Day-to-day operations
  • Marketing
  • Administration
  • Accounting
  • Virtual and live support
  • Quarterly field meetings and workshops 

Any time you have a question or problem, your dedicated account representative will be happy to talk you through it, so you can deal with your customers with complete confidence.